Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Compositing Practice

Untitled from Shouren on Vimeo.

Test Demo from Shouren on Vimeo.

This is a test demo of my studio describing the studio name. I made it in After Effect and added sound in Vegas. I intend to mix Chinese Elements and digital method to promote our animation studio,showing another possible way of animation. We've made our concept about the new blog, now we are working on the detail. So feel free to give any advice and opinion,we'll be glad to see it.



messytimbo said...

wow a post!!!!! wicked!

dude these are great your mastering after effects :) i think they are really strong.

one thing i would say if i'm honest is if you are looking to show your Chinese roots, i think research it more. look into the art of you heritage that you as a collective team like, and try and bring it into a digital world. i think it would look really fresh and new. don't worry about if people understand it or not, take it as a opportunity to show people new things and express you honest tastes as a team and your culture.

i think you have the technical side down, now i think develop the visuals. and that means research :)

dude where's this new blog????!!! i wanna see it, send me the link

Shouren said...

It took me six years to understand your words man, I just thought about realized it today and then I saw this old post, and you already gave me that advice long time ago... thanks man, this has become more valuable after time passes...