Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works done during the past months

These are short episodes supposed to be shown on TV for Children. That didn't happen because I directed those shorts. Now I realize it that a work won't be viewable when a producer take 100% control of the script writting with no respect of ANIMATION. I think I have to make 1000 more animation shorts in order to get a good one. Yeah!

"The difference between a good coach and bad coach is do they have "real" stuff than show off."

good coach bad coach from Shouren on Vimeo.


Misunderstanding from Shouren on Vimeo.

First Demo
75% free from producer's mind control. I was happy and felt free at that time. I animated the character throws the coconut to the famous boat which was fun.

First Demo from Shouren on Vimeo.

I'll post more,maybe... ...


messytimbo said...

i'm in shock! you posted! these are good man, and your directing, thats so amazing! your gonna be one of the greats one day, i honestly believe that. don't worry about producers, you've gotta deal with that stuff, it's all part of learning about the animation industry and process. just learn what you can from it and keep growing

i wanna see your new drawings, i wanna stay in touch more. i'm getting a new internet provider, bt is shit, so at the moment i haven't got internet at home. when it gets sorted i'll try and keep better contact.

i sent you a email a while back from this address, but i never heard back from you? maybe it went in you spam bin or something.

i hope you and your family are well

Shouren said...

Thanks old friend, yesterday I checked you and other guys' blog, when I saw Kim's MV, I got inpired and encouraged. I felt alone in making animation during the past 8 months, and also felt my lack of skills. Depression made me forget who I am and friends I have.When I see you guys still posting on blogs, I was moved, really.I was an idiot because I have you guys, Timbo, bear, Kim and Yaw... but I forgot. You guys' hard working make me growing and moving.Now just read your comment, I feel happy and we are together.

I'll post my drawings soon. I didn't see your email, I need to check it again.

My family and I are well, thanks man

libra bear said...

HHOOOOORRAAAAYYY!!!! SHOUREN HAS RETURNED!!!! Im so happy that your still animating and following the dream. These all made me really laugh. It's great that your directing. Hope all is well with you. I hope this is the first of many posts. be interesting to see your level now...

Shouren said...

Thanks Wes, I can see you growing day by day through blog; more important to me, is that your works and words encorage me to keep going.I suppose that is friendship. Keep growing man, you WILL be greater.

messytimbo said...

hey man! i wanna see more work.

post some drawings or linetest or something.

hope your well.

messytimbo said...

post something shouren! don't let this blog die :)