Friday, October 19, 2007


I am an idiot


messytimbo said...

no you are not! and no one should make you feel like one. i certainly don't think your are! and if you vaule my opinion then you will trust me.

by the way these drawing are really good, the bottom one has a really strong atmosphere. you must of been in a pretty dark place when you drew that.

libra bear said...

I love these man, Gonna miss you bro, keep blogging.

the only thing that makes you an idiot is saying your an idiot.

(I'm trying to be profound like you LOL)

libra bear said...

Hey man, Where are you....Hope life is good, Just checking to see if your Ok.

Joe Karg said...

Sweet pieces man. Very emotional. I especially like the bottom one.

Anonymous said...

this is a deep drawing, guy looks like he's got a lot on his head, what is he thinking?

all in all deep pic.