Saturday, April 21, 2007

Test anime... 其卡通复试考核

Sorry guys,I couldn't finish it by now (8:24am), have to sleep, this is the least I can do. For a Flash Newbie like me I have to spend 3 whole days to do this, one night and a half day to rush it seems impossible to me now.


test on Vimeo


messytimbo said...

wow for one whole night this is extremely good. i just hope the people who set you the task can take into consideration that you've had school work and that you could only spend a night on it.

i think if there not impressed by what you can do. then it's there loss

imagin if you had 3 days on it. it would be really high quality.

Alina Chau said...

Nice animation!!

ADDY said...

hey shouren its adeel, i use to study with siow yaw in cavendish i hope you remember, amazing work man i like it, nicelly done.. good luck

libra bear said...

I'm still really impressed with this. Hope you finish it.

Yaw said...

you have a great progress on your work. I'm glad to see you're getting ambitious day by day. keep it up:)